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Todo List

Current tasks needed to get Red Lemur to market:

  • Arduino IDE core - the components are in the mpide repo but need to put together in a cohesive package
  • Verify battery sense circuit - with the jumper in one position, the bottom of the voltage divider is connected to ground in the other, it is connected to a PIC32 pin so he can be tri-stated so there is very little current loss.
  • Fix pic32prog to reset DTR pin correctly - might be complete, there are mentions of the solution in github but needs to be tested and fit into the Arduino IDE core.
  • Verify the output pins works correctly, verify processor modules and verify the debugger works or not
  • Add init state in Arduino/mpide core that sets the peripheral pin select is correct (there is a init function that runs in the Arduino backend before the sketch)
  • Verify the level translator works fast enough to drive WS2812 LEDs
  • Start designing a test fixture to ease board tests
  • Finalize bootloader and push to github (MW duty)
  • add booloader hex to wiki and instructions how to flash bootloader to RL
  • Create sexy pinout detailing how the pins are organized, I have a non-sexy version
  • Ref Manual
  • Getting started guide
  • installing Arduino core guide
  • Demo tutorials (preferred with augmented text)
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