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Red Lemur

Red Lemur is being designed to be a wearable microcontroller board that fits into Arduino IDE. The size and on-board buttons and LEDs makes it a perfect starting point for projects that need a small form factor and wearable projects. More details will posted soon.

Simple Features

  • User buttons
  • User LEDs
  • Power switch
  • USB power pack or 1S lipo support
  • Battery voltage detection
  • Wearable form factor

Advanced features

  • 100MHz operating frequency
  • 32-bit MIPS architecture

Red Lemur Rev B.4

Red Lemur Rev B.3

Peripheral pin select pinmap


5/23/2016 - We had a great trip to Maker Faire and there was a lot of excitement for Red Lemur.

5/21/2016 - Megan and I are at the Bay Area Maker Faire showing our latest hats and patterns. Red Lemur B.4 is built but I could not get the crystal oscillating so we are using B.3. Something in the latest Microchip PIC32 compiler changed and the PICxel library broke but I found a fix.

4/2/2016 - Added one line to the Windows side of PIC32prog that enabled toggling the DTR pin as usual with Arduino boards. Pushed update to the github with the latest Windows executable. 2/23/2016 - We are working on a core for Arduino IDE. The big problem that older versions of AVRDude and PIC32prog do not reset the PIC32 correctly. We are finding a solution and should have a working Arduino core soon.

1/1/2016 - Finished the semester and now getting to back to Red Lemur. The latest revision uses a PIC32MX350F128H and a Silicon Labs USB to UART IC. I built the latest revision of Red Lemur Rev B.3. The bootloader is working and a simple blink program works.

11/30/15 - I had some server issues and lost my progress on the wiki.


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